Oloris Publishing unfolds its wings with the release of its inaugural book.

What: Oloris Publishing is excited to announce that Seer: A Wizard’s Journal, the first full-length title from author and illustrator Jef Murray, will be released on May 31st. This thoughtful and lavishly-illustrated book will be available in both soft-cover and electronic formats, and will undoubtedly make a unique and cherished addition to the library of any aficionado of fantasy literature.

Who: Jef Murray is an internationally known artist and essayist whose works can be found in various fantasy publications and calendars distributed worldwide. Oloris Publishing is the independent publishing arm of Middle-earth Network.

When: May 31, 2012

Where: www.olorispublishing.com

Why: Oloris Publishing is a dynamic venture that seeks to expand the vision of traditional publishing by welcoming and showcasing vibrant, new voices and embracing various media for their expression. We believe that the publishing process should be a true collaboration, in which our authors and illustrators are very involved so that their own voices truly shine.