“Seer: A Wizard’s Journal” is now available as an eBook in both EPUB and iPad formats
Oloris Publishing is pleased to announce that “Seer: A Wizard’s Journal” is now published in EPUB format, an open source eReading digital format that is the industry standard and most used eReading format in the world. The new format features all illustrations from the print book and is available in two versions – the standard version will work on any reader while the second version is tailored for iPad so that all the images will display correctly.

Both versions are available in the Middle-earth Network Store http://olorispublishing.mymiddleearth.com/products/jef-mu…  A sample chapter is available for download to computer or eReading devices so that readers can be sure they are purchasing the best version for themselves.

Lara Sookoo, publisher at Oloris, explains, “We’re so excited to release the eBook for ‘Seer’ because we’ve been able to include all of Jef’s wonderful illustrations and some of the small touches that make the book so beautiful. It’s such a wonderful collection to a digital library!”

Sookoo encourages readers to visit the eBook FAQ page on the Oloris website for more information. If they do not find the answer they need there, then they can contact the publisher through email at Lara@olorispublishing.com

Oloris  Publishing  is a  dynamic venture  that  seeks  to expand  the  vision  of traditional  publishing  by welcoming and  showcasing  vibrant,  new voices and embracing  various  media for  their  expression. According to their mission statement, “We believe that  the  publishing  process should be a  true collaboration, in which  our  authors  and  illustrators  are  very involved so that  their own voices truly shine.”
'Seer: A Wizard's Journal' by Jef Murray
Jef Murray is an internationally known artist and essayist. “Seer: A Wizard’s Journal”, his first full-length title, was released May 31st by Oloris Publishing. His works have appeared in such publications as Silver Leaves, Amon Hen, Mallorn, Beyond Bree, and Mythprints. His artwork has been featured in video courses and television specials on J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Seer: A Wizard’s Journal” takes the reader on a mystical journey through the seasons. Wending their way through time and space, the reader meets monks, elves, dwarves, angels, apparitions, and, of course, wizards. Venture into the hidden world that is all around us, the world that children so easily see.

This treasure trove of tales, poems, and pictures offers hope and wonder. It stirs within the reader a renewed yearning for other times, other places, and other destinies. Magic rings, secret journals, and the enchantment of nature are reminders of the sanctity of our world –and invite us to rediscover our childhood dreams.

Come on this journey. Learn to see again.