Character Mentions in The HobbitOloris Publishing and Emil Johansson have just made two new LotrProject posters available.

The Lord of the Rings Project began as way for Emil Johansson to keep up with the genealogies of the characters in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. To the delight of many, the project quickly grew from humble drawings to an extensive website.

In February 2013, Oloris Publishing released two posters based on Johansson’s work: “Timeline of the Elves” and “Timeline of the One Ring,” with the assurance that more posters would follow in March. As promised, we are announcing the availability of two more posters by Johansson:

  • Character Mentions in The Hobbit contains the most intensive information of the four posters. A detailed study of the frequency of mentions of characters in the book, it also includes a colored bar graph that reflects the sentiment of each page.
  • Gandalf’s Gear examines the Grey Wizard’s essential gear which apparently includes, among other things, a pocket comb, extra pipes, and a book on how to speak Moth. The secret power source of Gandalf’s staff is revealed.

Gandalf's GearAll four posters are now available for pre-order in Oloris Publishing’s online store.

Lord of the Rings Project, commonly shortened to LotrProject, is a creative web project dedicated to documenting details in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is perhaps best known for its extensive and ever updating genealogy, its historical timeline of Middle-earth, and its statistics concerning the population of Middle-earth.

Johansson, a Chemical Engineering student currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden, first read The Lord of the Rings in 2000. To satisfy his curiosity about Tolkien’s legendarium, he went on to read The Silmarillion. While trying to keep track of the book’s many characters, he started doodling on a piece of paper—and the Lord of the Rings Project was born.

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