Oloris Publishing is pleased to announce that the first title of their Koru imprint will be Forgotten Legacy Chronicles – The Rejected Providence: The Forbidden One by T. S. Wolf, scheduled for release in 2013.

Violence and control. Power and negation. The world balanced on the point of a knife.

Dragoons rule the world. The first in a multi-book series, The Forbidden One is a tale of revenge that begins almost three hundred years before the beginning of the Dragoonian Wars in the nations of Peragus and Idiotira. It is at this time that twins are born to the clan Theos; the most powerful and influential of all Dragoonian tribes. They are forced to participate in the Syanosis Ceremony, a ritual from which only one may emerge alive. They look to this one to be the most powerful of all Dragoons who will ensure their rule over Peragus. Yet, rather than embrace the role placed upon him, and accept the countless riches offered to him, he forges another path. The last Syanosis Dragoon vanishes from Theos, swearing to never return, thus planting seeds of a revolution that will lie dormant for many decades. Now, after three hundred years, the desire for revenge grows too strong and the Syanosis Dragoon emerges from hiding. Much to his surprise and dismay, he finds there are others who are willing to sacrifice all to join him in his quest. The balance of the world may be about to shift …

The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles is a Young Adult series that will entertain all. An irresistible story in which the main character never gives up on his mission … and his companions never give up on him.

Author T.S. Wolf states, “”I feel honored to be part of such a well-structured and friendly team. They’ve taken my dream of being an author and have made it a reality, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

“The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles is an exciting and fun book to read,” says Julie Dobbins, editor on the project. “In spite of the serious subject of revenge, Wolf manages to spice it up with well-placed humor. I greatly enjoyed working with him on this project and look forward to continuing on the rest of the series.”

The elusive Wolf currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, but has every intention of leaving if he can just manage to find a plane or space craft that accepts hitch-hikers. He attributes his desire to pursue a writing career to an inspirational senior year with his Creative Writing teacher, Dixie Axt. (Ms. Axt has yet to be contacted regarding her feelings on the matter.) According to Wolf The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles is the auto-biography of his first three incarnations – possibly four depending on how the cards play out – and has been a 6 year project.

“It’s our great pleasure to be able to feature Wolf as our first author for Koru! We are proud to be working with him to bring this wonderful story to readers and we hope they enjoy it as much as we have.” ~ L. Lara Sookoo, publisher

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