To live in the present, you must first confront your past.

A strange vigilante has appeared in the city of Pierside. Unkillable and knowing far more than any man should, he has begun meting out his own harsh brand of justice in this city known for corruption. When two of his victims survive and wind up at a small clinic, the truth comes out: The Elevati, a race of immortal, magical beings, have returned… including the infamous Saint of Death, who had committed mass murder on behalf of a fanatical cult twenty years ago.

As the Elevati pursue their own agendas, and the leaders of Pierside attempt to use the situation for personal advantage, the clinic workers Maddy and Ezzy quickly find themselves drawn into the strife. They’ll have to confront vindictive immortals, corrupt politicians, religious fanatics… and parts of their past they’d thought buried forever.

Editor Lewie Nerino calls Pierside “one of the finest Urban Fantasy stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Engaging characters, a wonderful Noir setting, conflict and companionship… What more could anyone ask for in a story?”

Emily Spahn lives on the eastern shore of Maryland, with her husband, her dog, and two beehives. She’s hoping to someday finish renovating her ninety year old house, which would happen faster if she could stop reading so much. In the mean time she fills her head with books on psychology, sociology, history, poetry, popular culture, and, of course, fantasy.

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