A world wreathed in endless winter. A dangerous foe hidden in plain sight.
An unlikely heroine on a mysterious quest.

The Quest for the Rose is a tale of fantasy and mystery, darkness and magic. The land of Adanica thrived on magic. Summer and prosperity reigned, while the Wistren, magic wielders and protectors of the realm, were in control. But they grew careless… and when the enigmatic sisterhood of the Sestren descend upon them from the North, they are defeated in a Great War that changes Adanica completely. At the Sestren’s ascension to power, magic is banned and its remaining practitioners persecuted relentlessly. The sisterhood reign with an iron fist under the banner of their cold deity, the Lady of Snows.

They reign unchallenged until Esmerelda Midnight, an awkward, orphaned girl of the lowest place in the social order imposed by the Sestren, accidentally stumbles onto the truth about the holy sisterhood. Their intentions and her own destiny are intertwined as she seeks the long-lost Rose of the World… before it’s too late.

The Quest for the Rose is an exciting, fast-paced story. A tale of an unlikely hero, caught up in a mission that changes her… and her world in the process.

“This is such an intriguing story!” says Martha Kosyfi, the editor of the project. “Fantasy and magic, interwoven with the element of the dark create a powerful, compelling mix; a cruel utopia of a world- seemingly perfect, but in truth, a dystopia in hiding, where nothing is what it seems. A place where magic still roams free, if contained to hidden places, staving off the encroaching darkness. I had great fun working with the author on this project, looking forward to more!”

Janet Reedman wrote her first story at 5 years old, a novel length fantasy at 12, and she’s never stopped! She has always been interested in Celtic mythology (which was, she might say, somewhat in her blood, since her grandmother originally came from Southern Ireland). Her first published novel, Stone Lord, was inspired by the Arthurian legends and acclaimed archaeological digs in which she herself has participated.

The Quest for the Rose is a departure from her usual writing in the historical fiction genre, bearing a dystopian, sci-fi feel. With a nod to Pullman’s Dark Materials and the fiction of Lewis and Tolkien, it’s her first novel to be set in an alternative world and is based heavily on her growing up in Canada during the 1970’s.

“I am very pleased to be working with Oloris Publishing in bringing my first young adult novel to publication. Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come!” ~ J.P. Reedman

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