periodictable_22x17_smCombining his passions for Chemistry and the works of Tolkien, Emil Johansson has created a Periodic Table for Middle-earth. This poster includes important characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The location of characters on the Table has been determined by importance to the story, ancestry, and, in some cases, physical attributes. Fans everywhere will love this beautiful and intriguing visualization of Middle-earth.

The Periodic Table for Middle-earth is now available for  in Oloris Publishing’s online store.

This will be the fifth poster by Emil Johansson made available through Oloris Publishing. His other works include Character Mentions in The Hobbit, Gandalf’s Gear, Timeline of the Elves and Timeline of the One Ring.

Emil Johansson, a Chemical Engineering student currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden, first read The Lord of the Rings in 2000. To satisfy his need to know more about the magical world of Middle Earth, he went on to read The Silmarillion. While trying to keep track of the many characters he started doodling on a piece of paper – and the Lord of the Rings Project, or LotrProject, was born. His work has captured the attention of Smithsonian Magazine, WIRED, CNN GEEKOUT, TIME Magazine US Edition, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, NPR, TheOneRing.Net, and Middle-earth Network. He was also a speaker at TEDxGoteborg in October 2012.

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