Just in time for the holidays, a loving reminder of the magic of Christmas.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 14, 2013) — Thomas is old enough not to believe in Santa Claus.  He knows that reindeer can’t fly, that there’s no toy factory at the North Pole (he’s googled it), and that it’s his parents who really eat Santa’s cookies and drink his milk (he’s seen them). But there’s something about Santa Claus that he can’t seem to let go of, even if he is old enough….

Oloris Publishing is pleased to release The Christmas Eve Deliveries, which will be available for purchase on November 21. The Christmas Eve Deliveries by David Scovil is a beautiful reminder of the magic of Christmas. Thomas is asked to deliver gifts by a shopkeeper on Christmas Eve. Since it will enable him to pay for the presents he wants to buy, he reluctantly agrees — as long as he can get home on time. Each delivery becomes an adventure as some of the gifts are opened. What started as a chore quickly becomes a wonderful experience, but the deliveries are taking a long time and Thomas promised his parents he wouldn’t be late….

12241468-thomas-in-mallA newcomer to children’s publishing, Scovil has woven a tale that is sure to delight and will become a part of the family holiday tradition. The son of an Anglican minister, he has led an adventurous life having worked as a journalist, bus driver, library cataloguer, gold miner, photographer and roughneck. Scovil has three children and has been a stay-at-home dad for a period of time, which gives him the most important qualification of all!

The Christmas Eve Deliveries was inspired by Scovil’s experience with his own children. According to Scovil, “I was with my son doing Christmas shopping. He was almost ten and he was curious. He asked if there really was a Santa Claus because his friends mostly didn’t think so and what was on TV and in the movies didn’t make much sense. This was also the year he decided that he wanted to buy his own “from Santa” gifts for everyone so I knew that no was going to be the wrong answer. I told him I’d write a story, and this is what I wrote.”

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