“It’s a heart! She cried 
in delight lifting the shaped stalks
 of bamboo, forced to grow
 in a proscribed shape.”

Uncertain Rustling features 20 select poems from Oloris Publishing Spring 2013 Poetry Competition winner, Robyn Stone-Kraft. Read Ms. Stone-Kraft’s winning poem here.

A beautiful prelude to an upcoming full volume collection of poems, Uncertain Rustling is produced in a limited run, bound using unique hand-marbled paper by talented Canadian bookbinder Robert Wu.

Robyn Stone-Kraft is an English professor at the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she’s not grading, reading or writing, she’s usually out hiking, knitting, or serving as warm blooded furniture for her two cats. She is incredibly spoiled to have a husband who supports her writing habit, though he’s still not sure about the cats.

Available in marbled blue, yellow, purple, orange and brown. Purchase your copy now!