Oloris Publishing celebrates the Day of Hearts with a special note from Joe “the Wigit” Wilson, author of Continia. Here, Wilson explains the origins and symbol of the Lovesent flower.

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“The rose was a symbol of true love in Continia. It would only bloom when your true love was alive and well. The day of your union with this said love, the rose would split into two separate roses, each representing the mate of the one holding the rose. As long as your life partner was alive and well the rose would be too.” — Continia

The Lovesent is the most sacred of all flowers in the world of Dromon, it looks very much like a white rose with much bigger petals. This flower can only be located in one spot in all the continents, on Mount Dea. The snow-covered mountain, in turn, is located north of the city Ulena, in the continent of Kaim. A cave leads to the very heart of the mountain and opens to a light-filled oasis. The light streams through a massive fissure to the lush, fertile floor below, where a small cluster of the rare and beautiful flowers grows, basking in the sunlight of the heavens. This is the home of the Lovesent.

The Lovesent can only reproduce by the bonding of true love. Two people destined to be together both hold the flower during the union ceremony and if the flower splits into two, they are truly meant to be and their union will be blessed by the Great One. The flower represents the soul and the purity of love. Once a flower has been split, the two flowers become linked through the souls of the united couple. The flower is then handed down to the couple’s children to be used during their union ceremonies. Only the Great One, or Dea, knows how the connection is made and why.

I chose the white rose for the appearance of the flower because it represents purity and the soul, which fit very well with the design of the flower and what it was meant to do. The Lovesent plays a very big role in Continia and will continue to do so in the entire series of the Dromon Saga (Continia being book #1). Symbolism plays a huge role in the society of Dromon and the three continents. The Lovesent was designed to be the ultimate symbol of unity, love and purity — a physical link between the lovers. We use symbols every day of our lives, the biggest symbol we use in modern society is the wedding ring. The symbol of our union with our chosen loved one, our soul mate. It shows the world that I belong to another and I am happy with that. The Lovesent is a living example of the wedding ring in a magic representation of the soul and health of our loved one.

                “You shall now both take in the deep scent of your true love from the flower.” — Continia

The Lovesent takes on the scent of the loved one. Memories are brought up in many ways but none as strong as scent. When you smell the cologne or perfume that your wife, husband or partner uses, does it not instantly spark memories of that person? That is what the Lovesent does.

I think we all wish we had a way as simple as a single flower to know if the person we are to marry (or have married) is our “true love”, the person we were truly meant to be with. I envy the people of Continia and all of Dromon for their flower and a way to make sure their loved one is safe and healthy, even when far apart. That physical representation of love is their wedding ring. A blessing of unity.

On a personal note, I have sent my lovely wife a dozen white roses for Valentine’s this year to tell her she truly is my soul mate and the love of my life.