FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 1, 2014) — Oloris Publishing is excited to announce the acquisition of Tijaran Tales by F. T. Barbini.

A thrilling new series to be published through the Koru Books imprint.

In 2550, Earth survived its first, and only, Chemical War…

The war almost destroyed humanity, resulting in a radical restructure of the political scene and the permanent ban of all weapons. Of those who survived, some were left with genetic mutations of the brain. These mutations allowed the carrier to manipulate matter and communicate without the use of normal sensory systems (White Skills), as well as develop the logical side of the brain to unprecedented levels (Grey Skills).

In 2620, Marcus Tijara and Clodagh Arnesh are granted permission to build the Zed Lunar Perimeter on the surface of the Moon, a base for exploration of the galaxy and guardian of the hard won peace on Earth. They establish three schools – Tijara, Sield and Tuala – where selected children can develop their mind-skills by training in the White and Grey Arts. Marcus Tijara is highly gifted in both skills, but Arnesh possesses only Grey Skills – a serious difference which causes conflict between them, eventually escalating to war…

Tijaran Tales is a series that currently consists of Tijaran Tales I: White Child; Tijaran Tales II: The Oracle Of Life; and Tijaran Tales III: The Nuarn Rift. The first three books will be released in April and available for pre-order on March 15, 2014. A fourth book will be released in 2015.

Francesca Tristan Barbini was born and raised in Rome, Italy. After years of volunteer work around the world, she completed a MA Honour in Religious Studies at New College, Edinburgh, focusing on the Ancient Near East and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Her free time is divided between family, painting RPG miniatures, and writing books for children and adults. An active member of the Tolkien Society, she also runs a kinship on Lord of the Rings Online. Barbini is currently working on the fourth installment of her Tijaran Tales series.

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