murrayseer2FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 25, 2014) — Although black and white artwork is beautifully compelling, some of the pieces included in the original 2012 release of Seer: A Wizard’s Journal were originally created in color. Murray is known for working with vibrant colors, so it seemed a shame to print all of his work in a format other than the original. Eleven works are now in blazing color, including “Haven”, “Queen of Heaven”, and “Sanctuary” just to name a few.

In addition to the full color pictures, there are two new tales: “The Abbot” and “The Artist”. Both stories expand on characters and storylines already present in the collection, enhancing the reader’s experience all the more.

“This is what is so mystifying about this novel, and one which warms the reader to it. The stories are about anything from romance, love, war, wizards of course, and the concept of there being a real and definite evil lurking in society.” ~ Sandra Scholes, British Fantasy Society

Seer: A Wizard’s Journal has been warmly received and continues to be enjoyed as new readers discover the work. Murray has art fans all over the world. He has now discovered a group that enjoys his writing as well. Though he was a reluctant writer, he explains in an interview with Pieter Collier of The Tolkien Library that the process came about when he started a newsletter: “… as I sat down to write each month, I discovered stories pouring from my pen, along with occasional poems; these in addition to essays on life, on wonder, on faith, folly, and all of the many scenes and seasons that enliven this magical world of ours. These ponderings, poems, and parables ultimately formed the basis of Seer: A Wizard’s Journal.”

Oloris Publishing is very pleased to re-release Murray’s work of discovery in a more fitting package of beautiful colour. The reader is invited to explore, whether for the first time or the one hundred and first time, the lavishly illustrated and expanded version of Seer: A Wizard’s Journal. It will be available at a later date.

“If ‘leave them wanting more’ is a recipe for success, Murray’s first book of prose and poetry is the very embodiment of that formula.” ~ Donald Williams, Mythprint Autumn/Winter 2013

Read the review of the first edition of Murray’s book by the British Fantasy Society and the Tolkien Library‘s interview with the author.

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