As Christmas approaches, there is a sense of longing, a certain kind of wishfulness that fosters its own special magic. Winding its way through various tales, that particular magic – Christmas Magic – has been captured in a trio of books from Oloris Publishing!


Seer: A Wizard’s Journal by Jef Murray. Travel through a kaleidoscope of short stories, poems, and lavish illustrations while rediscovering the magic of Christmas. Wait for a mysterious visitor in “The Watchman”, discover elves in “The Promise”, view portraits that change lives in “Pendragon” and learn to see again with the eyes of a child.

Thomas-in-Mall-web_mediumEnjoy a short excursion into Christmas Magic with The Christmas Eve Deliveries by David Scovil. Thomas is asked to deliver gifts by a shopkeeper on Christmas Eve. Since it will enable him to pay for the presents he wants to buy, he reluctantly agrees – as long as he can get home on time. Each delivery becomes an adventure as some of the gifts are opened. What started as a chore quickly becomes a wonderful experience, but the deliveries are taking a long time and Thomas promised his parents he wouldn’t be late….

5_CandleCookiesforSantaTinsel: The Tree That Grew, A Story for Christmas and Other Seasons by Kelsey Lobdell Schulz and Jared Lobdell. The best way to get a Christmas tree is to go out into the woods, find the perfect tree, and cut it down yourself. That’s what Dad does with the family every year. This time they find a tree that’s absolutely perfect. They take it home and the children make it sparkle, but after Christmas they notice something odd. What do you do when your tree continues to grow even after the holidays? Follow the heartwarming adventures of Steve, Liz and their brothers and sisters when they bring home Tinsel, the best Christmas tree ever.

All three books are a fun and magical addition to the family Christmas library!