There are certain moments when everything seems perfect. The touch of breeze on your skin. The light through the trees. A smell lingering on the air. Everything just seems still, frozen for that one second. Beautiful. Perfectly crafted. Like a poem. Add the regular narrative of life and you may have an interesting story, but you lose that perfect moment. That is the difference between poetry, and other forms of writing. Poetry is that finely crafted moment, that almost fluke. That essence of beauty, distilled.

Certainly poetry has been other things through the ages. Epic, enthralling and inspiring. The sort of thing that enraptured listeners around a fire in the cold winter. Stories of heroes and quests, and the primal things that connect humans to each other. It’s been elegant seduction, whimsical and witty, moving elegy, and sobbing confession. The styles have changed over the centuries, but the fact that it is words used powerfully has not. Poetry is the love of words, and images, and captured essences of truth.

In light of this, it is sad how poetry is often discarded. Students who want to be writers are often mocked, but at least there are examples of writers who can make a living at it. Poets, well, to be a poet is to often feel invisible. You’re a writer, but not quite. You’re an artist, but not quite. And when you tell someone what you do (always on the side, never for a living) you often receive a shrug and a, “I don’t understand poetry.” It seems pointless to protest that good poetry is felt even before it is understood. It seems pointless to argue that poetry was the heart of literature and many of our greatest writers were primarily poets. It seems pointless to ask where the poetry section is in the bookstore, because it’s so small and dusty it breaks your heart.

Oloris is hoping to change that. We are hoping to offer a place to poets where their voices can be heard and treated with respect. Where the legacy of poetry is infused with new life. Where a love of poetry is openly admitted, and shared with others. Where that moment of distilled beauty is captured, and acknowledged. We hope you join us as we move forward, into this April as we launch our Poetry Division, and into the future as we hope to return the love of poetry to publishing.