Through the darkness there shines a pale light, a faint glimmer that reminds us of hope, of the inspiration that began alien worlda seemingly endless journey. The path wanders this way and that. It is laborious, never straight; and through the dense, overhanging boughs, the light is oftentimes lost. But it is always there. And though a shadow seems to greet us at every turn, our faith reminds us that our lives are not bound by the sufferance of the past, but in fact emboldened by it. We look up, and we realize that light is the light of those who have walked before us, of those who watch over us now, of those who believed. And as they believed, so, too, must we. There is naught to do but to carry on, for there is another light, and it is not above us, but directly ahead.

In our hands we hold p33 (1)unfurled scrolls that tell of worlds unimaginable, of souls unseen, of spirits unbound by the confines of meeker imaginations. They are truly unique. They are gifts to which no price can be ascribed. They are invaluable beyond measure, and they must be treated as such, for they tell of places never before visited by any who have ventured into the pages of a fantastical tome. We are fortunate, you and I; a day will soon come when our scrolls are unfurled, and unleashed will be the magic that has long been kept inside. It will illuminate our path, dissipate the creeping shadows, and bring the greatest of dragons to life. And, most of all, it will remind us of why we chose this treacherous but ultimately glorious destiny. As the dawning sun reminds us, darkness will not forever endure.

There is much to tell. There are worlds of crystal forests and waterfalls of light. There are great armies of angels and skies of silver and vows of courage to be upheld. These are our stories, and they must be shared. This is our most vital task. We are the caretakers of dreams, the harbingers of hope, and the custodians of epic tales yet to breathe life. We are here to shed our earthly concerns and nourish ourselves with vivid minds. So onward, forth we go! Gather your courage, your imagination, your belief, and carry on, carry on. And remember, dear friends, what is most precious about us, is the light we hold inside.