The Virtual Race For The Castle Has Begun With Oloris Adventure Quest 2015


Oloris-Adventure-Quest-img1GADSDEN, Ala. – Sept. 1, 2015 – You’ve grown up in a small village where nothing much ever happens. Well, nothing you think is interesting, anyway. The highlights of your life are watching the sheep, making sure the fire stays lit during winter, and listening to your Grandmother tell you fairy tales. You especially like the fairy tales about brave adventurers setting out to find their fortune, mostly because they always did find it and it seemed much more exciting than watching sheep!

Sometimes, you imagine the sheep are goblins, and you shout and swing a stick at them. Mostly, they ignore you. Sometimes they poop. It is… unsatisfying.

One day, while wandering the fields, you find an overgrown path in the underbrush. While you’ve been walking those fields all your life, you’ve never noticed it before – the path, or the shining sword embedded in a tree stump beside it.

Inside of you, adventure is screaming. Without a further thought to the sheep, your family, or your boring life, you pull the sword out of the stump. It comes out smoothly, like it was waiting for you to find it. The path points in the direction of a castle you’ve heard stories about, a castle full of treasure in the heart of an enchanted kingdom.

You pause there, at the head of the path, and consider. Dangers await, that is how the stories always go. But also rewards. You ask yourself, “Do I dare start on this Adventure?” Well?  Do you?

Join Oloris Publishing for Oloris Adventure Quest 2015, our very first virtual race!  Register online and get in on the fun while getting your exercise!  Opening on September 1st, the course covers 60 miles in 90 days and ends at a spectacular location!  Along the way, you’ll face horrifying monsters. Will you be triumphant?

Every participant will get a unique medal. Participants who follow us on Facebook will be able to participate in contests for prizes and fun!  Get a friend to sign up and say you referred them and you’ve got a shot at a prize at the end of the race period, on November 30th.

Track your distances with FitBit, Garmin, RunKeeper, or enter manually. Help Oloris raise funds so we can keep bringing you beautiful books. Help our great tale never end!

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