With increasing confidence, your steps have taken you along the path to the castle.  You’ve even managed to rub some of the rust and grime off of your sword as you’ve walked.  Somehow, you thought things would be more exciting, but it’s starting to become just a long walk in the woods, only with a sword rather than a walking staff.  Every now and then, you think about going back, but by now you’ve surely been missed and the trouble you’ll face doesn’t seem quite worth it, so onwards you go, around that next bend.  Suddenly, you hear a rustling in the underbrush.  Before you even realize what is happening, you are surrounded by little lizard creatures with sharpened sticks, all glaring at you menacingly.  An undignified squeak escapes you.  One of the little kobalds pokes at you, and you jump, then swing instinctively with your sword.  It falls down, dead.  You are all amazement.  The other kobalds are all anger.  They screech and attack, fortunately falling all over each other in their attempt to get at you.  You try to dodge, while swinging your sword in the general direction of their heads.  One by one, they fall and are still.  Breathing hard, you freeze as well, watching, afraid to move for fear they’ll get up again.  Slowly, confidence creeps up on you.  You!  The inexperienced farm hand, just defeated a pack of kobolds- all by yourself, without training!  You’re a natural!  With great pride, you puff out your chest and turn back down the trail to see what new adventure awaits.

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