oloris adventurequestgraphic1-2

You never heard any trolls stirring behind you, though it’s true that you ran pretty fast down the trail for a lot longer than you’d thought you possibly could. Part of you wondered if they were dead, but more of you was interested in never getting close enough to their stench to find out. In fact, just thinking about their stench seemed to bring a little of it back to you.

Wrinkling up your nose as you walked, you noticed that the smell didn’t dissipate when you tried thinking of flowers in a summer field. Instead, the smell seemed to intensify as you went along. And instead of, well, unwashed bodies and other such unsavory gasses, this smell was a bit more like, well, wet fur and rotting meat. There was also a noise, a low rumbling growling noise, and a cracking noise.

By the time you rounded the bend and found the two huge, shaggy gray wargs chewing on the deer carcass, you were pretty much resigned to another battle. After all, this trip wasn’t exactly proving a walk in the woods. And, it was entirely natural, that the larger and more battle scarred of the two would be the one to look up and notice you. For a few moments, all was still as you stared at each other across the deer carcass. Then, your stomach, which suddenly remembered it hadn’t been fed for hours upon hours, rumbled loudly. The wargs rumbled back, sounding even less friendly.

“So, I guess we have to do this now?” you asked, swinging your sword in front of you rather aimlessly, your eyes casting around for some way to escape. Instead, all you found were broken branches. Slowly, carefully, you moved to the side and picked one up. It wasn’t quite wielding a weapon with both hands, but it was better than nothing.

You maintained eye contact with the larger beast, but you were aware that the smaller one was starting to move to the side, growling softly, stalking you. The real problem was, you weren’t quite sure what to do about it, so you just kept backing up, putting your back against a tree, pointing the tip of your sword at the larger monster, the pointy tree branch at the other.

The creature moved closer and closer, then stopped, muscles tense. Your legs were shaking. And then the bigger one leapt over the deer, straight at you, with no warning! Letting out a blood curdling shriek, you raised the sword and the branch and swung them wildly in front of you. The monster collided with you, pushing you back into the tree, hard, but the swinging weapons smacked it on the nose and stopped the attack from being fatal. Instead, it paused in front of you, hunkering down for another attack, but above you came a loud crashing sound and down through the branches came a rusty, battered shield- landing right on top of the head of the warg, denting the skull and making it fall dead to the ground.

Shaking, you picked up the shield and swung it out to the side experimentally, just in time to clock the smaller animal across the face as it tried to take advantage of your distraction to attack you. It, too, fell to the ground, though probably more unconcious than dead. To be sure, you shoved your sword into the neck. It was sickening to you to do it, but you weren’t about to trust luck to keep it from waking up and following your scent.

So, new shield on one arm, sword in the other hand, you continued on your adventure.