The sorcerer, almost certainly, was not waiting for you. The fact that he had his back turned to you was really the tell on that one. Also, the fact that he was banging on the front door of the abandoned looking castle and shouting at the locks was also a pretty good indication.

Still, if he was waiting for you or not, he was between you and your goal, which was to get into the castle and find those sweet, sweet riches that had become increasingly important to you as your boots started wearing blisters on your feet. At least, he was the first of several obstacles, the other being, apparently, a locked front door. Well, one thing at a time. It’s not like a furious sorcerer was the first enemy you’d faced on this adventure. In fact, after all the instances of what, for lack of a better term, you’d come to consider dumb luck, you were getting a bit cocky. This guy might be more scary than, say, unthinking beasts, but you’d managed to prevail without too much trouble (and only some pants wetting) all along your path.

You were almost at the bottom of the wide stone stairs, crumbling, but still servicable, when he turned around and saw you. He was evil. You knew it immediately when his burning red eyes landed on you and he cackled. There was something decidedly evil about the cackle. The bloodstains on his robes didn’t hurt your assumption either.

“Can we talk about this?” you offered, proud when your voice didn’t shake. Too badly.

“The castle is mine!” he declared, waving his hands while wiggling his fingers dramatically. “And so are all the treasures within!”

“Honestly, if you’d said that to me at the start of the day, I’d have agreed and turned around. But I’ve been through a lot today, all told, and I would really like some gold for my trouble. At least enough to get a new pair of boots.” You paused, thought for a minute and then added, “And to hire someone else to watch the sheep for me so I can take up a new hobby. Yodeling, for instance.”

“Foolish mortal human thing!” he cried. “For your insolence, I will have to roast you where you stand!” With a dramatic flourish, he cast a spell and sent it zinging right in your direction.

It didn’t surprise you when it was lightening. It also didn’t surprise you when your new shield lifted, as if involuntarily, and the lightning ricocheted off the shield and bounced back, hitting the sorcerer in the face, turning him black and crispy in seconds. By this point in your adventure, not much really could have surprised you at all. At least, an easy victory certainly didn’t.

“I guess the treasure is mine, then,” you remarked to him, as you walked past the smoking wreck in robes. You put your hand on the giant door he had been struggling to open with all of his arcane wiles, and you turned the knob. It opened easily, with nary any creaking. You wondered, briefly, if he’d even thought to try to just open the door, then shrugged and stepped into the cool, dark entryway, pleased that the treasure would so soon be within your grasp.