p1This summer, Oloris Publishing introduces an evolution in epic fantasy novels.

Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale is a new take on storytelling. Influenced as much by the visual immersion of cinema as by the classical voices of literature, author Jason Alan approached Phate as if he was writing the movie novelization to the most thrilling fantasy/science fiction movie he had ever seen. Phate is a story that transcends genres, where the typical tropes and confines of the expected are shattered before an unrelenting release of imagination.

Phate was not written to just be idly read, but to be experienced; to take its readers along for a journey of massively epic and emotional proportions.

In the far distant future, in an ancient galaxy of dying stars, the dusk elf Emperor of the Sky, Drinwor Fang, joins a Greater Translucent Dragon named Morning’s Hope on an adventure to save eternity from the Devil King of the Dark Forever. But as the dimensions rip open, and the war for all time commences, they soon encounter an even more despicable fiend than the Devil King….
p3Enter Warloove, the vampiric Lord of the Dark Elves, who is obsessed with serving the mysterious aims of his alien master, and foiling Drinwor’s bid to bring harmony to the universe. While facing these horrific foes, Drinwor learns the most terrifying truth of all: His greatest sacrifice might be his own eternal soul.

This summer, Oloris Publishing at long last proudly brings you Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale by Jason Alan. In the coming weeks, check in on this blog to learn more of this wondrous universe, where galactic guardians of the stars mingle with angels in palaces in the clouds, where necromancers emerge from black holes to tear through the dimensions, and dragons mix with impossible dreams. Come and join us on an adventure unlike any you have ever experienced.
Best wishes friends, and we can’t wait to share Phate with you all.