The Greater Angelic Dragon drifted out of Vren Adiri’s crystal doors.


She coasted over the gemstone floor and landed on the spot where Zraz had lain the day before. She winced upon noticing traces of the cloud dragon’s blood, and sorcerously dissolved the stains with a wave of her foreclaw. Then she regarded all about her. Night had fully fallen. The cloudwall wrapped the realm like a shadowy shawl. A cool wind brushed up against her luminous face, and the steady moan of faraway thunder sounded like some distant warning. Glints caught her eye and she looked to the enclosed sky.

Vren Adiri’s guardian dragons had leaped from their perches and swooped in over her head. They sang to her. It was unutterably beautiful. No song the angel had ever heard moved her like this farewell chorus of dragons.

a2She watched the dragons for another minute, then turned to view the palace one last time. Wrapped in ribbons of cloud, its towers looked peaceful, the spires glittering with tiny points of pale light.

The dragons’ beautiful song, the sight of her palace… She was moved to fiery tears.

“So, I have come to my end,” she whispered. “I give the universe my spirit and my soul, and in the name of the Sunsword Surassis, may my story be remembered and ever told. I swear, oh, guardian of the stars, I will find you.”

Her eyes ablaze with conviction, she looked back at the singing dragons. “Goodbye, my dragonkin. And goodbye, blessed Herard. May your son forgive us, and may she watch over his soul for all eternity. Farewell forever, Phate…”

And then she spread her fiery wings and leaped up toward the stars.

The guardian dragons gasped.

There were some dragons even the skies couldn’t contain.


Now but a streak of golden light, the heavenly dragon shot out of the atmosphere. She wove through the destroyed remains of Phate’s sister world, then curled around Rong and the Four Apostles, accelerating as she went. Soon she surpassed the dying sun and left the solar system far behind.

When she came to the edge of the galaxy, the black holes tried to seize her, but she was too quick for them to grab hold. She escaped their tremendous pull and flew on even faster. Traversing pathways that distorted both time and space, pathways only angels knew, she achieved speeds few machines or beings had ever dared, and eventually came to the heart of the universe, where the oldest galaxies lay.

There she curled around many suns, skimmed the skies of numerous worlds, searching, searching for the one. Many beings saw the most brilliant of shooting stars that night, and thereafter swore it had a voice. It had, for the angel cried out to the cosmos as she flew, calling for the centurion of the stars.

She searched and searched and called and called, but could neither find him nor get him to respond. She began to despair.

“Where are you? I must find you! My strength ebbs, my spiritual light fades.”

Indeed, her time was running out. Where in all the galaxies could the centurion be?

She carried on, her desperate voice but a ripple in a sea of infinite silence…

 * * * * * *

me killerHello friends! I hope you enjoyed that lil’ tidbit from Phate. I like that part because it gives some insight into the scale and overall tone of my world(s). When I was writing, the universe was wide open to me. I do not believe in any confines to the imagination, or in suppressing any ideas that storytelling offers. And just as I often look to the night sky and ponder this life, or seek guidance or answers, so do my characters.

For out there, in the infinite dark ocean of stars, the possibilities are endless.

Until next time!

You have my deepest appreciation, and my humble gratitude for spending a few moments with me. Keep your hearts open, and believe that good can come to you. Even in our most troubled times, we can at least allow for the possibility of greatness. You never know…an angelic dragon just may be watching over you.

Jason Alan