It’s not a big secret that we at Oloris like poetry. We have a poetry month every year. We recruit and promote poetry books. Some of us even dig out the dusty back corners of bookshops and go over the poetry collections, buying lots of thin but expensive volumes and carting them home to curl up in bed with tea and half a dozen cats to read them.

In mass market book culture, poetry seems to be nearly dead, a figment of the past that no one is all that interested in anymore. When I was teaching, I know I’d get groans and huffs from students when I tried to make them read something as long and complicated as… a haiku. If I said it was a poetry day, they’d threaten to mutiny. But if you’re a writer and go on calls for submissions and online literary journals, poetry is still thriving. We at Oloris are proud to be a part of that, and hope to do our own small part to expand the demand and prove that poetry isn’t entirely dead yet.

I feel like there’s a joke in here about mostly dead and true love, but I’ll let you clever readers figure it out. As for me, I’ve got a few poems to write to try to impress/embarrass my boyfriend.

Until our next update, I welcome you to the official launch of the Oloris Publishing Poetry blog. We’ve got exciting contributors, and hope to recruit more of you as well.

After all, as we’ve been promoting- Poetry is Beauty Distilled.

Very sincerely,

Your Director of Poetry