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Special Announcement: Oloris Enchantment Bundle Now On Sale!

enchantmentA special promotion of all three of our Oloris Enchantment books, featuring the works of Jenny Dolfen, John Cockshaw and Joe Gilronan, for a special price!

Books included:

Complete bundle, plus bundle bonuses, available now at

Songs of Sorrow and Hope: The Art of Jenny Dolfen

Wrath, Ruin, and a Red Nightfall: The Art of John Cockshaw

From the Shire to the Sea: The Art of Joe Gilronan

Songs of Sorrow and Hope: The Art of Jenny Dolfen is a rich, visual journey that celebrates over a decade of work by renowned German fantasy artist, Jenny Dolfen.

In a showcase of more than fifty illustrations, this book guides fantasy fans and art enthusiasts alike through an exploration of Jenny’s artistic output, accompanied by narratives, reflections and insights from the artist herself.

Jenny Dolfen is known for bringing to life characters from Celtic fantasy, the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien, and traditional folk tales. Working in traditional media such as watercolours and pencil, combined with digital media, her flowing artistic style reflects a blending of such influences as the Art Nouveau movement, the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, and the aesthetics of contemporary graphic novel illustration.

Explore the wilds of your imagination. In Wrath, Ruin, and a Red Nightfall, John Cockshaw brings landscape and macro-photography together with digital art to create hauntingly beautiful images. This collection is a wonderfully refreshing vision of fantasy worlds well-travelled where you can look through John’s eyes to see natural landscapes overlaid with layers of light and darkness, familiarity and strangeness, wonder and danger. Presented with passages that inspired them, along with poems, essays, and reflections, each art piece becomes an insight into what lies beyond words on a page and brings you to the meeting place between story and your own imagination. Photographed In locations including the UK, Austria, and Tunisia.

From the Shire to the Sea: The Art of Joe Gilronan offers an intriguing look at the world of Middle-earth in the eyes of the artist.

The pages of this book of art are filled with beautiful, pastoral scenes from the Shire, yet span the spectrum to alarming pictures of the Ringwraiths on horseback. Text includes the artist’s comments about the image, the technique used, and his ponderings about the scenes in relation to the stories. Gilronan is very involved with the project, carefully selecting the works to be included in addition to writing the text.

The major influences on Gilronan are two artists: J.M.W. Turner, and his father, R.A. Gilronan, a successful landscape painter in his own right. The use of light in the paintings is done in such a way as to make it look real, much like the work of J.M.W. Turner. Joe Gilronan says that he wanted to capture Tolkien’s epic tale From the Shire to the Sea, hence the title. In doing so, he also allowed himself to imagine what may have happened during the times between the scenes described in the books – such as Hobbit friends out for a stroll, or Ents peering through the bushes. All the different scenes and textures work together to capture the many facets of the enduring tale.

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