“Suddenly torches lit all at once, along the smoothly carved cave walls. There were markings that looked much like the ancient runes of earth’s distant past. I looked back towards the cave entrance only to see a black wall where I had come.”

John was the quintessential average American with a good (but boring) job, living in busy Los Angeles with not much else to claim as his. Then one business trip took a surprising turn and sent him hurtling to meet his destiny.

John finds himself on the shores of a strange lake and at the beginning of a life-changing adventure in a land unlike anything he has ever experienced before, amidst peoples he has never heard of. He meets kind Eubert, a Narlin, who steers him in the right direction, where he encounters Rogart, a huge warrior of the great nation of Werigan, who is not all he seems. Their journey twists and turns as John and Rogart fight their way through dangerous creatures and wild lands. Along the way, they encounter Verdinaris the exiled prince of the small magic-wielding people called the Morginarious and Val’laris the beautiful and dynamic champion archer of the Plains Elves.

The journey is only beginning.

Join an adventure beyond your wildest fantasy in Continia.


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Written by Joe “The Wigit” Wilson
Cover Art by Anna Repp
Soft Cover 362 pages, 6″ x 9″
About the Author

The fans and followers of The Quest Gaming Network know him as Joe “The Wigit” Wilson, podcast producer and personality. He is a self-admitted dreamer with an over-active imagination. Joe has a passion for video games, music, and writing. Continia is Wilson’s debut novel.

He tweets at @TheWigit.


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January 1, 2015