Dispatches From Probability Space

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Dispatches From Probability Space

This collection from author Ramon Rozas III is adventurous and suspenseful with a dash of humour. Rozas brings together some of his short sci-fi stories into a package that has a little of everything to entertain any reader.


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Author Ramon Rozas III
Book Format EPUB, MOBI (for Kindle)
About the Author

Ramon Rozas III lives in West Virginia with his wife Anita, their daughter, a dog and a quantum-indeterminate number of cats.

Ramon has been writing science fiction and fantasy, on and off, for almost as many decades as he has been reading it. His favorite SF authors are Larry Niven and Ken MacLeod. He also enjoys Mr. MacLeod’s “Scottish Invasion” comrades of Charles Stross and the late, much missed Iain Banks.

When he’s not revising his as-yet unpublished novel, or writing short stories, Ramon practices law in a small law firm in West Virginia and Maryland. You can follow his meandering thoughts at his blog, www.ramonrozasiii.blogspot.com, or on twitter at the handle @ramonrozas.


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December 13, 2016