The Dome-singer of Falenda

domesinger_coverPeople say Danny’s voice is heaven on earth. But now he’s in Falenda, and his voice will have to save a world.

Danny thinks he has it hard enough on Earth: his mother disappeared when he was six, a gang of bullies torments him, and his alcoholic father is threatening to take him out of his beloved choir school. Then he finds himself in Falenda, where the people communicate telepathically and life is one continual, glorious song. But the harmonious life of the Falendans is threatened by an evil being who is enslaving the Citizens within a great crystal Dome.

Danny has never seen himself as a hero. But now, along with Meli, a Falendan girl his own age, he must save Falenda from destruction—and rescue his mother in the process—by climbing the dread Tower of Grozlukh and singing down the Dome.


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Written by Katherine Bolger Hyde
Soft Cover 196 pages, 6″ x 9″
About the Author

Katherine Bolger Hyde taught herself to read at age four and has rarely been without a book since. Katherine writes the Crime with the Classics traditional mystery series for adults as well as fantasy and picture books for children. She lives in California with her husband and a varying number of offspring and cats.


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September 13, 2016