A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter

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A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter

prayer-for-a-less-loved-daughterRobyn Kraft masterfully entwines word, phrase, and emotion. Her third volume in print, A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter, examines the warp and weft of family and grief, loss and love, and determination and vulnerability through a life. This collection will open you to your griefs and soothe you with soft hope in renewal and love.


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Written by Robyn Kraft
Soft Cover 51 pages, 5″ x 8″
About the Author

Robyn Kraft, sometimes published as Robyn Stone-Kraft, is a Cincinnati native and a cat lady with a serious rescue addiction. Her wine consumption, she insists, is because she’s a poet and not because she’s a wino. In addition to being a life long fantasy nerd, she enjoys playing video games that allow her to work off some of her anger issues, hiking, sometimes knitting, and drinking coffee while a cat tries to knock the mug out of her hand with his head. If you buy her a drink, she will happily tell you about her cats (or the dogs, if you prefer). If you buy her a lot of drinks, she’ll start lecturing you on history or literature, her academic passions. This is her third book of poetry with Oloris Publishing, and she has also written an area history book with Arcadia Publishing. She can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/robynkraftpoetofcats/ or followed on Instagram at poet_of_cats. Guess what she posts photos of.


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May 19, 2016