Silver Leaves Issue 2: The Inklings

Silver Leaves Issue 2: The Inklings

Issue2_500_1024x1024“A year has passed since our debut issue of Silver Leaves was released. The journal team has grown in various ways, both individually and collectively, through joys and challenges alike, yet our goal for this journal remains the same: to honour Tolkien’s life and writings and, particular to this issue, the works and lives of the strong and beloved group of Oxford-related friends known as the Inklings … As the copies of Silver Leaves Issue Two get sent out to many places across the globe, may the blessing of Illúvatar—and Aslan—be upon each one.” ~ Jo-Anna Dueck, Journal Administrator.

“This issue of Silver Leaves has, once again, surpassed our hopes and dreams. I think the spirit of the Inklings has infused the pages with a unique magic that makes this issue very special. My deepest thanks to all our contributors for their time and generosity. Your incredible work and words fill up a part of me that is always longing to know more about these men, to discuss and investigate their works. I know I will love to sit and read this journal, with a lovely up of tea beside me, for many years to come.” ~ Lara Sookoo, Editor in Chief.




Magazine 77 pages eBook Format: PDF
  • Alison Baird, A Desire for Dragons
  • Melanie M Jeschke, The Landscapes of Narnia : CS Lewis and Northern Ireland
  • Jonathon D Svendsen,Narnia and Middle-earth : The Stories that Meant Something
  • Steven Dueck, Middle-earth Super Scramblers
  • Kathryn E Darden, Journey to the Sea
  • Rachel Gamber, Seeing Prince Caspian in New York City
  • Alicia Angst, The Wind
  • Douglas Gresham, Shards of Diamond
  • Missy M McClure, Inklings
  • Kathryn E Darden, The Fellowship of JRR Tolkien
  • NC Graham, The Woods Still Whisper
  • Laura Hwee and Charity Yang, Wellinghall Smial Update
  • Brian Sibley, More Than Just the Margins : An appreciation of Pauline Baynes (1922 – 2008)
  • PR Miller, For the Inklings
  • Kerri-Anne Cundill, Stepping into JRR Tolkien’s World
  • Alexa Chipman, Lord David Cecil: The Forgotten Inkling
  • Colin Duriez, Devilry and Images of Evil in Tolkien
  • Daniel Timmons, The Virtues of Fellowship
  • Stéphanie Bourquard, The Role of Judicial Activism in the Development of Principles in International Law of Human Rights: the Case of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Martha Kosyfi, Breeze
  • Melanie M Jeschke, Sunday, August 18, 1940 : CS Lewis’ home, The Kilns, Oxford, England
  • Sarah Arthur, The Tale We’ve Fallen Into : Some thoughts on why we never out­grow The Lord of the Rings
  • Elijah David, Controversy over The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Mark Cooper, Speculation on Film Two of The Hobbit Duology
  • Martha Kosyfi, Misty Gates
  • John Adcox, In Good Company
  • Kathryn E Darden, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – The Complete Recordings
  • Sara Goodwin, Prince Caspian Review
  • Elisabeth C, Prince Caspian Review
  • Kelsey Kline, Bad Adaption, Good Movie – on the whole, and taking one thing with another
  • NC Graham, You Must Lay Aside Your Inner Purist
  • Rachel Gamber, Prince Caspian Review
  • Artwork from Coralie Allan, Alexa Chipman, Gerda Marz, Jef Murray.

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January 2, 2015