Silver Leaves Issue 5: The Hobbit

Silver Leaves Issue 5: The Hobbit

Issue5_500_1024x1024What better way to celebrate our fifth birthday than with
an issue about The Hobbit! We delve into a variety of
ways to approach the book, as well as explore various
character aspects of well-known hobbits. There are also
thoughts on new versions of the story as it makes its way
to film and to a newly illustrated edition.

As the tale of Bilbo Baggins makes its way to new formats
and versions, we can’t help but search for the heart of
the story. And, as we search, we are reminded that you
cannot come to the end of things to say or ways to be
inspired by Tolkien and his works. There will never be too
many ways to celebrate simplicity, fellowship, honour,
magic, wonder, or imagination. The very things at the
heart of this story lie at the heart of our own stories. How
can we tire of exploring this landscape? ~Lara Sookoo, Editor in Chief




Magazine 111 pages eBook Format: PDF
  • Alicia Angst: A New Year Begins
  • Anastasia Green: Re-imagining The Hobbit: Interview with Jemima Catlin
  • Sarah Bauerle: ‘A Clear and Distant Light: Beowulf and J.R.R. Tolkien’
  • Mark Bednarowski: Introduction to Issue 5 contributions
  • Mark Bednarowski: Plight of the Dwarves
  • Mark Bednarowski: A Wizard for All Seasons
  • Mark Bednarowski: The Book of Oxford
  • Mark Bednarowski: Timeline of The Hobbit
  • Bernadette Barnes: A Hobbit Awaits
  • Bernadette Barnes: Gardening
  • Stephanie Chan: Interview with Heath Dill
  • John Cockshaw: Evening at the edge of The Shire
  • John Cockshaw: Shire dwelling and a well-kept garden
  • Kathyrn M. Colby: Battle of the Mavens
  • Kathryn Darden: Halfling from the Shire
  • Kathryn Darden: Her Face in Dreams
  • Kathryn Darden: Dwarves acrostic
  • Kelly Cowling: ‘Archetype and Signature: Tolkien and the Vedic Poets’
  • Abigail Fielder: HobbitCon report
  • Joe Gilronan: Finding My Way To Middle-earth
  • Dan Hollingshead: Frodo Walking Under Starlight
  • Peter Kenny: The Golden Tree
  • Peter Kenny: Mushrooms
  • Ryan Marotta: ”The Hobbit’: An Unexpected Hero’
  • Missy M. McClure: Ever Skies
  • Paul R. Miller: The Assignment
  • Paul R. Miller: Concerning Hobbits
  • Paul R. Miller: A Sonnet for Hobbits
  • Lewie Nerino: Born of Hope review
  • Kelly Orazi: ‘The Elves of Rivendell: A Comparison of the Manuscript and Published Hobbit‘
  • Sultana Raza: Keen on Tolkien (published in “Ancient Heart Magazine” and “Beyond Bree”)
  • Sultana Raza: Tolkien’s Legacy
  • David Rowe: On The Hobbit dramatisation
  • Lee Shamblin: The Hobbit film review
  • James Spahn: The Last Letter of Peter Morgan
  • James Spahn: Fool of a Took
  • Robyn Stone: Spring, Cloaked
  • Jonathon Svendsen: Escaping the Nursery: The Hobbit as a Coming of Age Novel
  • Kris Swank: Elthaleen
  • Kris Swank: Evanescence
  • Kris Swank: Goblin’s Banquet
  • Kris Swank: Half-Knight
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: Brave, A Bedtime Poem for Young Hobbits
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘Daring to Dream Out Loud: Kate Madison and Born of Hope’
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘Frodo and Faramir – Mirrors of Chivalry’
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘All Middle-earth’s a Stage’
  • Born of Hope production stills
  • Jef Murray: Dwarf
  • Jef Murray: Various sketches and paintings
  • Alberto Ramirez Jr: Bilbo meets Gollum
  • Cassandra Stevens: Bilbo and the Arkenstone
  • Chris Mills: Smaug Comes to the Lonely Mountain
  • Daisy Brambletoes: The Legend of Mad Baggins
  • David DelaGardelle: Balin
  • David DelaGardelle: Baggins
  • David DelaGardelle: Thorin
  • Ekaterina Kovalevksay a: Dwarves at Bilbo’s House
  • Joe Gilronan: Bilbo’s Adventure
  • Joe Gilronan: The Last Harvest
  • John Cockshaw: Evening at the edge of the Shire
  • John Cockshaw: Shire dwelling and a well-kept garden
  • Jenny Dolfen: Elvenking
  • Dan Hollingshead: Frodo Walking
  • Samantha Gillogly: Gandalf
  • Colleen Doran: Hobbit Feet
  • Sultana Raza: Hidden Valley
  • Jay Johnstone: Bilbo icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Thorin icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Gandalf icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Gandalf head icon
  • Danielle Storey: Beorn
  • Danielle Storey: Barrel Rider
  • Danielle Storey: Out of the Frying-pan into the Fire
  • Danielle Storey: Bard the Bowman
  • Danielle Storey: Bilbo and the Trolls
  • Graeme Skinner: Rivendell sketches
  • David Wyatt: Gandalf at Bag End

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January 5, 2015