The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles: The Rejected Providence

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The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles: The Rejected Providence

Forgotten-Legacies-Bk1_1024x1024Violence and control. Power and negation. The world balanced on the point of a knife.

Dragoons rule the world. The Rejected Providence is a tale of revenge that begins almost three hundred years before the beginning of the Dragoonian Wars in the nations of Peragus and Idiotira. At this time, twins are born to the clan Theos, the most powerful and influential of all Dragoonian tribes. They are forced to participate in the Syanosis Ceremony, a ritual from which only one may emerge alive. They look to this one to be the most powerful of all Dragoons who will ensure their rule over Peragus. Rather than embrace the power and riches placed before him, he forges another path. The last Syanosis Dragoon vanishes from Theos, swearing to never return and planting the seeds of a revolution that will lie dormant for decades. Now, after three hundred years, the Syanosis Dragoon emerges from hiding to exact his vengeance. To his surprise and dismay, he finds others who are willing to sacrifice all to join him in his quest. The balance of the world is about to shift…


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As a U.S. airman and an EOD student, the author has chosen to donate $1 of every eBook sale done through the Oloris Bookshop towards the Wounded Warrior Project. Please note that this excludes purchases from other retailers.


Written by TS Wolf
Cover Art by Joyce Hedelude
Soft Cover 432 pages, 6″ x 9″
About the Author

Wolf first crossed into the material world in 1988. Left without means to return from whence he came, he has only been permitted to visit his home in dreams and with the application of his imagination. With nothing to occupy his time while he waits to be retrieved, he decided to pursue a writing career after an inspirational senior year with his Creative Writing teacher, Dixie Axt. The Forgotten Legacy Chronicles is the auto-biography of his first three incarnations (possibly four depending on how the cards play out), and has been a six-year project. Currently serving in the U.S. Air Force along with pursuing his dream of becoming an author, Wolf currently resides in Florida.

The first book to be published under Oloris Publishing’s Young Adult imprint, Koru Books, The Rejected Providence is Book One of Wolf’s The Forgotten Legacy Chronicle series.


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January 1, 2015