The Iron Parachute

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THE IRON PARACHUTE is not the story of X or Y.

This graphically told tale can hardly be called a story at all. It begins with an arrival and it ends with a departure, but in between it behaves like the dragonfly’s larva which hides in a little tube made of tiny bits and pieces of matter collected on its way through the water of a brook: moving through a variety of environments in the course of time it draws to itself odds and ends that happen to attract its attention.These may come uninvited, from inside and outside the human body, outer space and the scientist’s lab, the wilderness and the metropolitan jungle, dream worlds and ancient history, comics and learned discourses on art—gatecrashers on the brain, like they do in the maelstrom of everyday life. Somewhere in the middle of this visual and verbal pandemonium lives a vague entity, a consciousness that intermittently materializes in human form, sometimes as an actor but mostly as a witness.

No wonder that it took 47 years to complete the book..


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Artist Cor Blok
Soft Cover 8.5″x11″, 346 pages
About the Artist

Born in 1934 at The Hague, Cor Blok is a visual artist, teacher, art critic, art historian, museum curator, and emeritus professor University of Leiden.

As an educator, he has had a lifelong career in teaching at various art schools in the Netherlands including the universities of Utrecht, Maastricht and Leiden before retiring in 1999. He has authored books on Piet Mondrian, the history of abstract art, and the interpretation of images.

After graduating from the The Hague Academy of Fine Arts in 1956, he worked at the Gemeentemuseum until 1965. During that period, he painted approximately 140 pictures inspired by The Lord of the Rings, a selection of which was exhibited at The Hague. This led to a correspondence and eventual meeting with the J.R.R. Tolkien, who bought two paintings and was presented with a third. Amongst the other highlights in his career are his work on the art and architecture of the imaginary country of Barbarusia, and his most recently completed work, The Iron Parachute.

Cor Blok currently resides in Amsterdam with his wife.


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April 6, 2016