Tinsel: The Tree That Grew – Christmas Bundles

Tinsel: The Tree That Grew – Christmas Bundles

Tinsel-bundleJust for the holiday season, Tinsel is packaged into three different gifting bundles for yourself and your loved ones:

Reader’s Package: softcover copy, bookplates (2), eBook

Ornament Package: Reader’s Package, metallic bookmark (1), metallic holiday ornament with Tinsel artwork (1)

Holiday Package: Ornament Package, mug (1)

The best way to get a Christmas tree is to go out into the woods, find the perfect tree, and cut it down yourself. That’s what Dad does with the family every year. This time they find a tree that’s absolutely perfect. They take it home and the children make it sparkle, but after Christmas they notice something odd. What do you do when your tree continues to grow even after the holidays? Follow the heartwarming adventures of Steve, Liz and their brothers and sisters when they bring home Tinsel, the best Christmas tree ever.

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Written by Kelsey Lobdell Schulz and Jared Lobdell
Illustrations by Raffaella Zardoni
Soft Cover 40 pages
Also available as eBook PDF

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November 5, 2015