The Dome-singer of Falenda

In The Dome-singer of Falenda Danny has never seen himself as a hero. But now, along with Meli, a Falendan girl his own age, he must save Falenda from destruction—and rescue his mother in the process—by climbing the dread Tower of Grozlukh and singing down the Dome.

Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale

Influenced by both the classical voices of literature and the visual immersion of modern cinema, Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale boldly defies traditional genres by catapulting the reader into a frantically paced tale of unlimited imagination and deep emotion, where science fiction and fantasy seamlessly merge.


A vigilante able to expose the darkest secrets of his victims is stalking the streets of Pierside. Immortal and unstable, he is a spectre risen from the past: an Elevatus—one of the powerful immortals who can only be slain by their own kind.


A debut collection, Transformation is like a series of photographs showing various perspectives of a personal journey. The words are not always easy or gentle but they offer flashes of a soul in transition, moving through the murk of maya to the simplicity of awakening.