Dispatches From Probability Space

This collection from author Ramon Rozas III is adventurous and suspenseful with a dash of humour. In Dispatches From Probability Space Rozas brings together some of his short sci-fi stories into a package that has a little of everything to entertain any reader.

Ni Tan: Creatures by Sanit Klamchanuan

Colour your way through creatures from mythical traditions around the world in Sanit Klamchanuan’s unique style in Ni Tan: Creatures by Sanit Klamchanuan

The Dome-singer of Falenda

In The Dome-singer of Falenda Danny has never seen himself as a hero. But now, along with Meli, a Falendan girl his own age, he must save Falenda from destruction—and rescue his mother in the process—by climbing the dread Tower of Grozlukh and singing down the Dome.