The Secret to Eternal Happiness and Other Fictions

From character studies, to ominous dark holes in the ground, The Secret to Eternal Happiness and Other Fictions collection spans years of work from the early to the more recent. And it includes the secret to Eternal Happiness.

Dispatches From Probability Space

This collection from author Ramon Rozas III is adventurous and suspenseful with a dash of humour. In Dispatches From Probability Space Rozas brings together some of his short sci-fi stories into a package that has a little of everything to entertain any reader.

The Dome-singer of Falenda

In The Dome-singer of Falenda Danny has never seen himself as a hero. But now, along with Meli, a Falendan girl his own age, he must save Falenda from destruction—and rescue his mother in the process—by climbing the dread Tower of Grozlukh and singing down the Dome.

Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale

Influenced by both the classical voices of literature and the visual immersion of modern cinema, Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale boldly defies traditional genres by catapulting the reader into a frantically paced tale of unlimited imagination and deep emotion, where science fiction and fantasy seamlessly merge.