Logres: A Tale of Tristan and Iseult

In Logres: A Tale of Tristan and Iseult, author John C. Evans infuses a classic tale with zeal and passion to prove once and for all that love is mightier than the grave.

His Beautiful Doom

His Beautiful Doom. A tale of loss and epic battles, of morality, danger, love, and destiny. John C. Evans takes his readers deep into his personal mythos, introducing them to lost pathways, warrior maidens, and scholars. Arcadia awaits.

Tales from the Strand

A combination of letters, poems, interviews, and slowly shared revelations, Tales from the Strand is a book both traditionally Gothic, and sincerely spiritual.

Good Friday & Other Works

Good Friday & Other Works is a powerful poem written in anticipation of a life altering surgery. Hopeful, honest, and confessional, it is a moving reflection on life, mortality, and everything else that is part of being alive.

Adam’s Lament: Selected Poems of John C. Evans

Powerful, compelling, romantic, and haunting, the poetry of John Evans is hard to forget. A creative and ambitious writer, his works take readers from the middle ages, to the great wars, to the everyday experiences of heartbreak, to realms outside of time, all with...
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