A debut collection, Transformation is like a series of photographs showing various perspectives of a personal journey. The words are not always easy or gentle but they offer flashes of a soul in transition, moving through the murk of maya to the simplicity of awakening.

A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter

A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter, examines the warp and weft of family and grief, loss and love, and determination and vulnerability through a life. This collection will open you to your griefs and soothe you with soft hope in renewal and love.

Hermits in Our Own Flesh: The Epistles of an Anonymous Monk

Hermits in Our Own Flesh promises glimpses of what could be a permanent happiness. The speaker in these poems creates a world where confession leaves the world weeping and the carnival tents are always being taken down and Rilke’s violin is heard in the abstractions.

Logres: A Tale of Tristan and Iseult

In Logres: A Tale of Tristan and Iseult, author John C. Evans infuses a classic tale with zeal and passion to prove once and for all that love is mightier than the grave.

The Road, Taken

Emotional and evocative, the poetry of Janet Nelson-Alvarez takes the reader on the fundamental heroic journey. The rough path under the hero’s feet and the hardships faced are detailed with the same stunning beauty and insight as the soft whispers of a mother...