The Secret to Eternal Happiness and Other Fictions

From character studies, to ominous dark holes in the ground, The Secret to Eternal Happiness and Other Fictions collection spans years of work from the early to the more recent. And it includes the secret to Eternal Happiness.

A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter

A Prayer for a Less Loved Daughter, examines the warp and weft of family and grief, loss and love, and determination and vulnerability through a life. This collection will open you to your griefs and soothe you with soft hope in renewal and love.

Uncertain Rustling

Robyn Stone-Kraft is a gifted poet, weaving impressions and emotions into a rich tapestry. Uncertain Rustling, wonderfully illustrated by artist Adriane Zonker, is glimpse through a poet’s eyes at the world, seeking the heart of interactions within it. Subtle and...

The Emperor and His Rose Garden

In this new collection, poet Robyn Stone-Kraft artfully overlays the essence of traditional tales with her own perspective. The realm of wicked queens, lost children, and forgotten gods shines through the clear, thoughtful lens of her writing. Enchanting illustrations...