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A cozy read somewhere between a magazine and an academic journal.
Those Hobbit-folk, in Tolkien’s scriptured eyes, are simple, yes, but noble, strong, and wise. -P. R. Miller

This journal is a milestone of our dedicated team. We grew together, laughed together, wept together, worked hard together, and now… The result is before you. I am thankful that we persisted; that each of us has strong points and together we make up a cohesive whole . . . May Illúvatar, himself, shine his blessing on this début release of Silver Leaves.

Jo-Anna Dueck

Journal Administrator

News, announcements and updates from the Silver Leaves blog.

Silver Leaves Issue 5: The Hobbit — Now Available!

Issue 5: The Hobbit is now available! Place your order for this or any issue of Silver Leaves on September 22 and we'll send you a special thank you gift with every print copy. Highlights from this issue include articles from Sarah Bauerle, Kelly Cowling, and...

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SALE EXTENDED: 20% off Silver Leaves

Our 20% off sale for printed copies of issues 1-5 is extended until September 21! If you prefer e-copies, they are set to CAD$10 each! Head over to our Order Page to pick up your...

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20% off Silver Leaves from August 23 to September 12!

Silver Leaves is proud to announce that Issue 5: The Hobbit will be available soon. The upcoming issue will be graced with a careful selection of written pieces and artwork inspired by the eponymous theme, from both new and returning faces, to be released towards the...

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Oloris Publishing Acquires Silver Leaves Journal

Via Lily Milos of Middle-earth News: As The White Tree Fund closes its doors, the Silver Leaves Journal finds a new home. Oloris Publishing is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Silver Leaves, formerly the official journal of The White Tree Fund. On January...

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Silver Leaves Journal: Call for submissions

Silver Leaves Journal is calling for submissions for our fifth issue, to be published by Oloris Publishing. The theme of this issue will be 'The Hobbit.' Silver Leaves is welcoming artwork submissions, and all academic, journalistic, reflective, and creative...

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